About Us


Kiona means “the ability to see” in Swahili. At Kiona Technologies, we are driven by the idea that the ability to clearly see actionable, relevant data leads to better decision making. All of our products and services are built on this foundation. We transform chaotic data into clear models and powerful action plans to solve your biggest challenges.


On average, 90% of data captured by organizations is never used. Kiona will guide you in using that data to transform your safety culture, driving down risk and cost and increasing morale.

Kiona Technologies™ was born from a simple realization – even at the world’s largest corporations, workplace safety data is hard to act upon. It’s not analyzed in real time and doesn’t identify the root causes of workplace accidents and injuries.

Kiona’s founder Nathan D. Brown and his technical partners are passionate about building systems that are intuitive and powerful, giving users distilled, actionable information.So they set out to create a tool that would fill the market gap and help companies use data to make their workplaces safer and more productive.

Nathan assembled a diverse team of six business partners and eight software engineers, and held the first product design session in Spring 2013. The team’s collective experience includes decades in technology, business management, product development and workforce safety management. Their experience spans industries including aerospace, insurance, healthcare, transportation, construction, energy, manufacturing, retail, banking and government.

In 2015, Kiona launched Safety Slate™, a cutting-edge system enabling instant, detailed visibility into enterprise-wide safety performance – a revolution in workforce safety management.

Our people at Kiona Technologies™ are visionaries and inventors who pursue excellence and integrity above all. We create analytical, data-driven systems that transform companies by increasing workplace visibility, safety and efficiency.

We are executives and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in enterprise technology, seasoned workforce safety experts, and brilliant technologists who build ground-up systems for global corporations. We come from multidisciplinary backgrounds and believe unique perspectives make our ideas and products stronger.

We seize the future.