Yes. There are interactive dashboards and detail reports for all data elements in the system, including observations, compliance, action items, and more.
User receive daily reminders when action items are aging. They also see a queue of their open checkups and action items when they log into the system.
Yes. You can create action items on the spot, give it a priority, and assign it to another user. All action items are tracked electronically so you always know what tasks are outstanding, when they’re due, and how urgent they are. Safety Slate will also send out reminders as action items approach or pass their due date.
Not yet. The export feature is under development, so users are limited to our interactive reports and dashboards for now.
Annual license rates are tailored to the client based upon the number of sites and users accessing the system. Generally, we try to keep things simple by giving clients unlimited use of the system for every site, ship, plant, building, or other location with their safety observation program.
Yes. Tablets are recommended, although laptops are supported as well.
Yes. Our system is build using a responsive web design, which means it can run on virtually any device that’s large enough to display the screens.
In order to record data electronically, it needs to be captured first through a digital device. To streamline the data-entry process and prevent errors, our system collects the data on the spot instead of relying upon delayed manual-tracking methods like physical cards. Ultimately, avoiding the use of cards saves time, reduces error, and ensures greater integrity in the data.
Instead of looking for physical hazards, observers using our system are encouraged to find the root cause—the human variable—that lead to the hazard in the first place. The goal is to identify specific behaviors that can be changed to improve the safety profile at your company and to foster a culture that is both knowledgeable and actively involved in the safety program.
Yes. The data is encrypted during transmission and storage, and it is protected using advanced security protocols. Our security methods are compliant with ISO/IEC 18033-3 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Yes and no. The offline mode allows you to capture safety checkups without internet access. However, you still need internet to submit the observations through our sync process, which requires brief internet access at some point in time.
Managers can identify specific behaviors to improve the safety profile of your area and foster a culture that is both knowledgeable and actively involved in the safety program. Operators can identify,and take steps to eliminate, daily hazards and constraints that lead to unnecessary risk in the workplace.