Mobile EHS software with offline mode

    Safety Slate™ is EHS safety management software for collecting workplace safety observations on the go. Because of its offline capabilities, it can be used virtually anywhere to conduct behavioral safety audits and to build a strong safety culture from anywhere in the organization.

  • works on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops
  • secure offline mode
  • electronic data collection
  • advanced security and encryption protocols
  • supports single sign-on (SSO)
  • customizable by industry, line of business, and job function
  • action item tracking, prioritization, and routing
  • email reminders for open and overdue activities
  • prioritized queue of action items and open checkups
  • supports positive and negative observations
  • streamlined observation entry process with standardized input templates

Interactive safety dashboards with visual risk profiles

    The interactive safety dashboards let you see the most common behavioral risks so you can instantly identify opportunities for improvement. And this will help you develop smart, targeted EHS action plans for correcting risky behaviors in the workplace before injuries occur.

  • live, interactive summary and detail reporting
  • includes multivariate views to identify the biggest areas of risk exposure and delivers actionable intelligence to mitigate risks
  • performance tracking, metrics, and data visualization
  • trend analysis for risk distribution and activity
  • compliance tracking by site and user
  • drill-down capability for hierarchical views (locations, divisions, lines of business)
  • includes a dashboard for program activity, compliance, and trends
  • includes an executive-level climate index with easy-to-understand descriptions and visualizations of recent activity, trends, and problem areas

Technical benefits of safety software with cloud-based implementation

    The mobile safety software lets you make EHS safety observations virtually anywhere, and the upgrades are free to install. Furthermore, no advanced technical support is necessary to run your safety observation program. All upgrades are free and included with your license.

  • tech support with real live people via email and phone
  • free product upgrades
  • free access to new features
  • no onsite deployment support needed
  • no internal servers or IT support necessary
  • includes metadata links between observations and OSHA codes
  • compatible with industry standard safety management programs

Security and architecture

    The advanced security features in Safety Slate let you conduct your workplace safety observations without worries about data transfer or storage. For instance, we encrypt the data from end to end to ensure you can manage your occupational health & safety program without having to think about data security.

  • hosted in secure Amazon cloud (AWS)
  • designed for secure integration with existing Single-Sign-On system
  • option for secure independent authentication if no SSO option
  • compliant with ISO/IEC 18033-3 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • 24-hour probe monitoring with active response